Soulsville Gospel Choir 2018 on DVD
“Tiny particles of matter gathered from a vast universe”

The Dust Men are four vastly experienced and talented musicians that have been playing together for many years. Exploring the universe with a blend of originals and covers in their own unique and original style. From Tom Waits to Steely Dan, from blues to jazz to gospel and soul. Each performance is unique in it's own right, capturing the vibe of the moment through freeform and improvisation that is both entertaining and thought provoking.

The Dust Men
Out Of Time
Available on CD and Cassette.

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Firebird Trio - Live At Creepy Monkey - CD
Firebird is a red hot, no holds barred blues and rockabilly trio that take their musical cues from legends as diverse as the Rolling Stones, Stray Cats, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Screamin' Jay Hawkins, and use them to concoct a high-octane sound that is distinctly their own.

Firebird showcases the inventive bass playing of Chris Nomad, the incendiary guitar licks of Pete Belair, and the solid backbeat of Craig Hadlow to create a high voltage rockabilly assault.

Recorded "Live" in the studio at "Creepy Monkey Music", no overdubs, no tricks, one take!
Rock'n'roll the way it used to be done!!

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Hand cut vinyl also available $40.
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Contact - Subsrcibe
Palace Of The King - Live And Local
Vinyl LP
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The thunder in the drums and the feedback in the guitars. The hint of high octane.​ A high performance machine driven by a soaring rock vocal. 

The way bluesy, riff driven rock has to be. Live, real, raw and emotional. Recorded “Live To Air” at a small community radio studio on a sultry summer evening, this album captures the vibe and groove of a live performance with a studio clarity offering a unique listening experience.
Turn it on, turn it up and strap yourself in as  Palace Of The King take you on a 40 minute assault of pure-as-it-gets warts n' all rock n' roll.

Blind Creek
Rhythm & Blues Review
CD's now available!

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A limited release of the hand-cut, 2 volume vinyl record set is available for a very limited time for the low up-front price of $75AUD (including postage and handling).

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A solid five piece blues band fronted by Richie Langford (vocals, guitar, blues harp), Alan “Mr Fabulous” Gibson (vocals, sax, blues harp, bull-horn, general scallywag activities) and Aaron Burton (vocals, guitar), along with the solid rhythm section of Jono “DeBassist” Zwart (backing vocals, bass) and Paul Spears (drums). Blind Creek – Rhythm & Blues Review will “cut ya mustard and butter both sides of ya bread in one go!!”

Their music has been described as “Rockin' blues and a damned good racket”. A mix of swing and boogie that'll get ya feet tappin' and ya mojo twitchin'. This comprehensive collection of live recordings captures that foot tappin' mojo. Recorded at a live performance in their home town nestled in the hills of the Yarra Valley, this is the band in full flight.


Mixed and mastered by Jon Zwart (Skulduggery Records)
and Paul Spears (PV Sounds).

Art work, Alan Gibson.

PA and live audio on the day, Paul Spears (PV Sounds).
and Mick Youngberry (Creepy Monkey Music).

Graphic design, Bruce (Special Projects).

And, of course, the special ladies in our lives, that let us out at night, and all the lovely people.

“Would not be the same without you”

(originally recorded on the 26th of January 2015)

English translation from - 12 April 2017.pdf

Richie Langford - Bluestone Road
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Singer, songwriter and foot stompin' blues man, Richie Langford has been entertaining audiences across the country for twenty years.

Performing using an old suitcase converted into a kick drum, foot tambourine, resonator and acoustic guitars, and wailing harmonica, he delivers a well honed repertoire of originals and blues standards, with a rockin' swamp groove.

Richie's new studio album Bluestone Road now available.
Da JuJu Boys
Digital Download

This is all that survives of a great little three piece blues band.
This recording was never really finished and the original files where lost but…………. the groove!!

Recorded one day back in 2006 and has just been waiting til now to be shared with the world. Rumour has it that a boot-leg tape was being sold but we never found one.

JuJu Gerry on guitar and vocals
JuJu Jono on bass
JuJu Dougie on drums

Mad Mudder Puckers (say it fast!)

The Humbuckin' Pickups
Under the watchful eye of award winning songwriter Ewan Cloonan, The Humbuckin’ Pickups are a raucous mob, giving their all for Ewan’s songs about Australian characters he’s known, characters he’d like to be and the vengeful things he’d like to do!

Having achieved the dizzy heights of being one of Melbourne's four best ‘never-weres’ in the 2013 ABC Exhumed competition, they’ve been taking their almost award winning performance to the people ever since.

In the last few years the Humbuckers have played Festivals, folk clubs, pubs and anywhere they can hold an audience long enough without being arrested.

Not quite sure whether they’re the folk side of country or the country side of folk, The Humbuckin’ Pickups will have you hootin’, hollarin’, foot stompin’ and occasionally sobbin' into your pint glass.

Skullduggery was recorded “live in the studio” in a day (No mean feat with this raucous “herd of cats”!!!) and released on the Skulduggery Records label. This album captures the true Rootsy Australiana Inspired Folk sound of The Humbuckin' Pickups

Engine Room
Digital Download
The Engine Room first formed in 2010 as part of the inaugural Healesville Music Festival. The band was a huge hit at the festival and has continued from there playing regularly around the traps.
Their music has been described as “Rockin' blues and a damned good racket”. A mix of swing and boogie that'll get ya feet tappin' and ya mojo twitchin'.
A bit of a line-up change saw the band emerge fresh and red-hot in 2014 as a solid 5 piece band. Fronted by Richie Langford (vocals, guitar, blues harp), Alan Gibson (vocals, sax, blues harp, flute, scallywag activities) and Aaron Burton (vocals, guitar) with solid support from the rhythm section of Jono Zwart (bass, backing vocals) and Paul Spears (drums). The Engine Room are sure to rock ya sox off with their rich vocals, stunning musicianship and fabulous live performance.
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SOULED OUT - Soulsville Gospel Choir on DVD

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In November 2015, as part of the Healesville Music Festival
and inspired by Paul Kelly's 'Merri Soul Sessions', Catherine Nolan's and David Johnston's dream of a gospel-style concert came to life. Healesville's Uniting Church was filled to overflowing as singers and musicians from Healesville and surrounding areas presented the first SOULSVILLE.
On the 15th May 2016 'SOULSVILLE' was reprised in the magnificent Memo in Healesville as part of the Yarra Ranges Council's 'Culture Tracks' programme.
Skulduggery Records has captured all the fun on this exclusive DVD of the entire show including a slide show of fabulous still photos by Bob Willis